HY 115 CSA








HY 115 CSA

The HY-115-CSA electrically-operated hydraulic power pack is fast, reliable, efficient and economical. The HY-115 will outperform any standard pump on the market; it operates at a very quiet ~80 dB. The HY-115 comes equipped with an oil cooler, making overheating a thing of the past. Simple controls make for short set-up times. An optional Hour Meter is available to better track run times.

Main Features

  • Deadman switch. Remote or Foot Pedal
  • Extended Remotes in sizes from 20’ to 100’
  • Fire Guard for Remotes
  • Quick Connect Fitting/Couplers
  • Hour Meter
  • Different Grade Hydraulic oil (low temp, high temp, biodegradable)



Operations Manual