Industrial Bolting Solutions - Welcome to Hytorc-

HYTORC is the oldest and world’s largest manufacturer of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Torque & Tension Tools. In fact, more HYTORC equipment is used daily worldwide than all the other manufacturers combined.

All HYTORC products are CE, TUV & ISO 9001:2008 approved. Dedicated engineering… guaranteed solutions! Since our humble beginnings in 1968… this has been the HYTORC approach to creating new standards in regards to industrial bolting!

Here we are 45 years later and HYTORC is the globally recognized industry leader in regards to professional, industrial bolting solutions! HYTORC has developed its latest product line to not only meet… but surpass the rigorous Safety, Quality & Schedule demands that every company, in every industry must contend with in today’s incredibly hectic and competitive work environment.

Meeting these demands is serious business and leaves no room for compromise! Unlike traditional tool companies that flood the market with the same equipment year after year, HYTORC has listened to our customers, ramped up engineering and is currently producing the most complete hydraulic & pneumatic torque/tension compatible product line available.

By taking a proactive approach to bolting and creating tooling that is compatible for both torque and tension applications… HYTORC stands alone as the one company that can provide true, industrial bolting solutions for literally any application.