Tracy Berge

Tracy Berge

Sr. Industrial Bolting Specialist

Calgary, Oil Sands – Western Canada

Tracy Berge is the senior Industrial Bolting Specialist at HYTORC Sales & Service.

He has been with HYTORC for over 25 years working throughout western Canada. His field experience along with the knowledge and expertise gained during this time has proven to be invaluable to our company.

A skilled communicator, Tracy interacts seamlessly with every level of personnel within a company. This ranges from the end user groups up to and including engineering and senior management. Tracy thrives on working with customers to provide safe and reliable bolting solutions for their most difficult and complex bolting applications.

His enthusiasm and commitment to implementing our innovative bolting solutions has recently resulted in major breakthroughs and success stories in the heavy mining operations in the Oil Sands of northern Alberta.

While his dedication to the business and industry takes most of his time, he does enjoy muscle cars, hot rods and the occasional round of golf when time allows.