Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan

Industrial Field Representative

Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Paul is the Industrial Field Representative at HYTORC Sales & Service and is responsible for the sales, field support and training in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Paul joined the HYTORC team in December of 2018. Prior to joining HYTORC, Paul spent 14 years as a journeyman pipefitter working in the oil, gas and mining industries

Paul provides product presentations and works with customers to provide solutions for their most difficult bolting applications. He strives to ensure customer satisfaction and never leaves a question unanswered.

His time as a journeyman pipefitter provided Paul with excellent hands on knowledge and experience with bolting systems prior to joining the HYTORC team.

Paul promotes a high standard and quality of work, safe work practises and the importance of meeting project timelines.

Paul is dedicated to working with customers and providing them with the equipment package and / or bolting solution that addresses every one of their concerns.

Paul is newly married and when possible, he likes to travel with his wife. Paul enjoys the outdoors so when he can he tries to find spare time on the weekend to hunt or play golf.